The Christie was founded in 1901 and is Europe’s largest single site cancer centre. It was the first UK centre to be officially accredited, by the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes, as a comprehensive cancer centre.

At The Christie, we have a long history of engaging with international partners in sharing our knowledge and expertise and in supporting and learning from others. In the 1930’s, Ralston Paterson was the leading authority in the world at that time with regards the treatment of cancer by radiotherapy. He was instrumental in setting standards and establishing high quality radiotherapy treatment centres in many countries throughout the world. 

In addition, together with his wife Dr Edith Paterson, he established a programme of basic research into cancer, particularly in the fields of radiation science, genetics and drug development. Through his pioneering work around the world, many prestigious global cancer centres were established and the establishment of a ‘hub and spoke’ way of delivering high quality care close to patients’ homes was established as a successful model of care. Professor Paterson’s legacy continues to this day through the work at The Christie.

The Christie International has been delivering consultancy and educational services internationally for a number of years. More details can be found in the “International work” section of this site.