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The Christie is one of Europe's Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres, and an international leader in research and development. 

The Christie is an international leader in cancer research and development. It is the largest single-site cancer hospital in Europe, is one of two Cancer Research UK’s cancer research ‘supercentres’ and has been at the forefront of innovative research for it’s one hundred plus year history. 

Through vital funding, we continue to support early phase clinical trials and other critical research.

Our research portfolio includes a range of drug trials across all phases. This ground-breaking research is made possible through the support of university facilities, and our specialist research facilities.

The Christie has one of the largest trials portfolios in the UK, with over 550 active clinical trials over the full range of adult cancers.

The Christie International is currently looking for international partners with whom we can work in order to develop further ground breaking treatments.

Please contact one of our enquiry team for more information.