Development of the Paterson site

On behalf of The Christie, The University of Manchester and Cancer Research UK, we are pleased to announce the plans for the future of the Paterson building site on Wilmslow Road.

A number of options have been considered, ranging from repairing the existing building through to constructing a new one on the same site.

The three partner organisations have now made the decision to take the opportunity presented by the fire to replace the Paterson building with an integrated state of the art cancer research facility. The new building will host scientists and clinicians thus allowing us to build on the critical partnerships that are pivotal to discovery, translational and clinical cancer research.

The multi-million pound development will be led by The Christie on behalf of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre (MCRC), which is a partnership between The Christie, The University of Manchester and Cancer Research UK.

As well as housing the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, the new centre will also incorporate the previously proposed building for the Manchester Centre for Cancer Biomarker Sciences that was due to be constructed behind the MCRC building – MCRC phase 2.

At the moment it is not possible to provide an exact date as to when the project will be completed, but it is anticipated to be in early 2021. Detailed work to secure necessary formal approvals will be undertaken over the coming months.

This is an exciting opportunity for The Christie and its partners, and will ensure that Manchester remains at the international forefront of research, driving better outcomes for patients with the very latest discoveries and breakthroughs.

Regular updates will be provided as the project progresses. 

For more details about the vision for the Paterson building redevelopment watch:

Paterson building redevelopment