5 reasons to attend the 2018 Radiotherapy Summer School

5 reasons to attend the 2018 Radiotherapy Summer School


 15th May 2018

 1. The New Proton Beam Therapy Centre

Radiographers at The Christie are fortunate to have the opportunity to work in many research activities, including the new Proton Beam Therapy Centre. Due to a wealth of experience in this service, the course organisers are able to draw on that expertise and provide study days looking at a range of factors involved in implementing a proton therapy service. The intended audience includes clinicians, radiographers, physicists and other allied health professionals.

2. The exciting programme

Professor Marcel van Herk states that radiotherapy is not just putting a beam onto a patient. There is a whole chain of actions that need to be taken to do the treatment as precisely as possible. The Advanced Radiotherapy Summer School addresses all these aspects, starting from imaging to treatment planning, treatment delivery, and image guidance adaptive radiotherapy. Marcel will be chairing the MR Guided Radiotherapy Focus at the event.

3. Excellent networking opportunity with colleagues across the patient pathway

Another great aspect of this event is that it’s an opportunity for individuals to join the dots. For example, Alison Sanneh, Radiotherapy Education Lead, states that she often focuses on the elements of the patient pathway that are relevant to her role. The summer school will help delegates to understand the bigger picture and presents an opportunity to network with other professional groups that contribute to the patient pathway. This will be really helpful in understanding the context of your work and also, perhaps when things go wrong, the question to ask to try and put the situation right.

4. It’s not only an event about learning, but it’s also a social event.

During the summer school, delegates will have the opportunity to attend social activities alongside teachers and fellow colleagues who come to the course. This year, the social events include a walking science tour followed by tapas, a trip to Junkyard Golf, and a course dinner. This is a great opportunity to network with all those people and it’s great fun!

5. Students can attend the summer school too.

The Advanced Radiotherapy Summer School brings lots of people from different backgrounds together, including students. This event will be great for thinking about your continuing professional development and what opportunities lay ahead. There is also the opportunity to discuss electives with Alison Sanneh at the events. For further information, please contact alison.sanneh@christie.nhs.uk. Please note that due to service limitations, elective placements in Protons will not be available, however further information in regards to Protons can be found here.

If you would like to book onto this exciting event, you can do so by clicking here.

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