Oncology is not just about treating patients.

Oncology is not just about treating patients.


 9th May 2018


Why is this study day important?

Do you want to specialise in oncology? The Introduction to Oncology study day is the perfect opportunity for you to understand how departments work in collaboration to ensure each patient experience is seamless. In addition, it will help introduce you to a patients’ perspective. This event will present common cancer treatments and supportive techniques used to help patients receive the highest quality of care.

What will be covered?

Oncology is not just about treating patients. It is also about how nurses and allied health professionals work to ensure the patient receives the best possible care.

The study day will cover a broad range of topics. For example, patients who are beginning their cancer treatment can find the entire experience overwhelming. This issue will be discussed by Anne Crook, Counsellor/Psychotherapist at the Christie, as she talks about the psychological care of the cancer patient. As well as this, cancer treatments could have a profound effect on sexual function. Awareness of this and how to address it is crucial for nurses and allied healthcare professionals which is why Karen Johnson, Nurse Clinician at The Christie, will be discussing sexuality and cancer during the day.

Other important topics, including treating patients with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, complementary therapies, and keeping your patient moving independently, will also be discussed throughout the day. To see the full agenda, click here.

An insight into clinical research

This event will also introduce delegates to research. Clinical Research Nurse, Steven Heald, will be presenting ‘Research, Clinical Trials and Future Treatments’ which will showcase the continuous developments being made.

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