Meet our team

Working collaboratively, the Christie haematology and transplant team provide a comprehensive service and an extensive clinical trial portfolio across a breadth of haematological malignancies.

Our dedicated team is well established and experienced in the delivery of clinical trials with a diverse portfolio of over 50 active trials.

Our team consists of principal investigators, research nurses and clinical trial coordinators that are responsible for the management and delivery of each clinical trial.

As well as our larger phase II, III & IV trials we deliver phase I, first in human trials. Some of these trials are available to rarer indications meaning that we are able to offer treatment across the wider disease group.

We all have one common aim – to work our hardest to ensure that patients are given the best possible treatment and are well cared for in a safe and clean environment.

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Clinical Consultants

Our consultants come from a wide range of different educational backgrounds and offer excellent expertise and knowledge in each of their specialist areas:

Clinical Research Fellows

Clinical research fellows have many years’ experience in medicine however may not be permanent in the haematology department:

  • Dr Esraa Abu-Rashed

Clinical Research Nurses

Our research nurses work hard to coordinate your care and appointments, and are here for any questions or advice you may need about the clinical trial you are taking part in.

  • Tamara Garcia-Lopez, Senior Research Nurse


  • Ellie Pearce
  • Sarah Bilton
  • Vanessa Ellis
  • Kirsty Halliwell

Contact Number: 0161 918 7899

Clinical Administration Team

Our administration team are essential to the running and coordination of the clinical trials from beginning to end.

  • Lauren Gledhill, Senior Clinical Trials Coordinator


  • Justyna Pujszo
  • Ryan Roberts
  • Melissa Stanworth
  • Sam Williamson
  • Thomas Bruce

Secretarial Team

  • Tracey Blinkhorn: Secretary to Dr Bloor, Dr Dennis, and Dr Somervaille.
    0161 446 3869
  • Paula Pugh: Secretary to Dr Cavet and Dr Kulkarni
    0161 446 8488
  • Sophie Killeen: Secretary to Dr Castleton & Dr Wiseman
    0161 446 3278