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The winner of the April You Made a Difference Award is:- Nicola 'Nikki' Doherty, Sister, OCCU

The following comment was made about Nicola 'Nikki' Doherty in the nominations. Judges picked out Nikki as a very deserving winner and said that the comment made about them showed how they represent the Christie principles and behaviors. 

Comments received:

Jessica Haslem, Relative

“Nikki is an absolutely incredible nurse. My partner was told on 6th Jan that he had just a couple of days to live. Nikki held his hand as we got the news and spent a long time helping us to understand the news. She hugged him and comforted me and made me feel strong enough to withstand the storm. She went above and beyond her role, as within 6 hours of getting the news, she had made lots of phone calls and located a registrar to come and perform a marriage ceremony. She made Tom’s dying wish come true, and gave me the hugest gift ever in being able to call him my Husband.  Her love and care made one of the worst days bearable.”

Hazel Evans, Senior Sister, OCCU, (Manager):

Nicky has been working within the field of Critical care for most of her career and joined The Christie almost six years ago now. Nicky has not only brought with her extensive clinical experience in  this specialist field of nursing but also her great caring, compassionate nature and passion for nursing.. Nicky became a Sister within OCCU over two years ago and I feel very privileged to have her within our Team. She is a great support to myself and the Team in delivering our unit philosophy & Christie principles: We Care, We Discover, We Teach.

Nicky’s caring nature is clearly evident to her patients, relatives and colleagues. She demonstrates great compassion for her patients and relatives and always strives to deliver the best possible care at all times, with the patient at the heart of everything she does. As her colleague and friend I feel very inspired by her empathy and enthusiasm to constantly improve patient experience. Nicky has touched many lives and it is wonderful that she has been formally recognised for this– she really does “Make a Difference”. I feel that this is why Nicky has been nominated for this award – her compassion is ever evident, her delivery of care to the highest standard a given and always professional. This was very evident when she recently had an incredibly tough shift, high acuity, high patient ratio, minimal staffing levels and yet she responded to the wishes of her patient and family to provide the care they needed that day. In spite of all the great demands placed on Nicky that shift, she somehow managed to run the OCCU safely and effectively, whilst arranging a wedding for a patient who had hours to live. This clearly had a profound impact on the patient and family experience, and Nicky herself – this was not simply a situation where formal arrangements had to be made but a lot of emotional investment was made by Nicky. The patient in question had been living with cancer for many years and had been given a terminal diagnosis that morning. The patient was in shock, angry and it took Nicky’s skills to allow the patient to vent these emotions, to offer comfort and to simply listen and to respond to their needs, both psychologically and physically.

Nicky’s compassion not only extends to her patients/relatives but also to her colleagues. She is a great Team player and is actively involved in the current OCCU staff well-being initiative. Nicky was key to kick starting this project, along with others, and has arranged free Yoga sessions for staff, coordinated a recent successful Team building exercise in The Crystal Maze and is a core member of the OCCU Staff well-being/engagement Team. At the centre of all this work is the philosophy that as care givers we must also care for ourselves, if we are to deliver the compassionate care that our patients/relatives need.

Nicky also plays a significant role in the education and support of staff both within the confines of OCCU and beyond. She is one of two Student Link nurses within OCCU and represents The Christie at the Regional Critical Care Network for “Airway Management”, along with her colleague Kirsty. As always, Nicky throws herself into these roles and exceeds what is expected. I am very proud to say that at our recent Peer Review, I very smugly presented the work produced by our Airway Team and this is now also being shared with all the critical care units across the Region. Once again, this simply demonstrates just how committed Nicky is to improving patient experience and her enthusiasm for this is quite contagious - with great engagement from the rest of the OCCU Team, Theatre’s and other AHPs in the study sessions provided during Airway April.

Nicky is not just a nurse, she is also a mother of three young children, wife and daughter. With such a young family and caring for her  parents, I am in genuine awe that she is able to give so much to her work and actually finds time for herself and her husband, but she does. Typically for Nicky, however, this time is not spent idling in a spa retreat being pampered; no she takes on mammoth runs with her husband over fells!!

Nicky you are quite an inspirational woman and we just want to formally recognise this and say thank you for being you.”

Theresa Plaiter, Surgical Matron:

Just to support what Hazel has said about what a wonderful professional Nikki is while balancing that with being a truly genuine person and a busy dedicated wife and mother” 

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